My work is defined by achieving perfection and beauty in the finer details, subtle highlights, smooth transitions and amazing shades observed in every hair of my clients’ coiffures.

- Yuliya Tsupryk

Blonde Specialist, Brisbane


Hi, I am Yuliya

a hairdresser, colourist and treatment specialist. 

If looking spectacular is important to you, I can freshen up your style and colour to ensure you look and feel amazing. 


With my unique blend of experience and training in Europe, I bring new life and colour to your style in ways that are simply unparalleled within hairdressing in Australia. My fresh approach, honesty and desire to see you look your best ensure you’ll feel great when you step out and for once, there will be no need to worry about trying to find a hairdresser that suits you.

Healthy hair – beautiful hair


My services don’t end with cuts and colouring however, and the health of your hair is my utmost priority. I am always seeking innovative treatments and better ways to improve hair health and boost its vibrance and shine. 


I test them on my own hair first, ensuring they meet my strict requirements for quality and superior results. Only then will I introduce them for client use, knowing I can have confidence in the products and the outcome.


Hair is often overlooked in many beauty routines, yet it is so important to nourish and look after it. This will ensure it stays looking vibrant and healthy, particularly after colouring when it needs additional care.


Hair colouring for result


When you make an appointment with me, you have my absolute assurance you will be the only client at that time. You will receive my undivided attention and we can work together to give you breathtaking results with natural shades and the time and care you deserve. 


As a bonus, I offer seasonal and special discounts on a range of my services. Make an appointment and ensure your hair receives the best colour and style ever!

Revolutionary colouring techniques

With more than 9 years’ experience and having gained qualifications in Europe, I bring the finesse and style to hair cutting, treating and colouring that has been missing in Australian salons. 


I am not daunted by complex or difficult colours or styles and love the challenge that they bring, knowing the end result will be amazing - whether you are a tawny brunette, an ebony goddess or a blonde bombshell in any one of a million different shades.


Long gone are the days when hair had to be dyed one colour or have foils throughout. As hair colour and styling trends continue to evolve, I am at the forefront of it all. I regularly travel back to Europe to ensure I am up to date on the latest cuts and colours and to upskill and bring back new techniques and trends. 


Using the latest colouring techniques, I can blend multiple shades to create the perfect tone and hue to suit your hair, including offering customised toner to take home. Seamless highlights such as balayage, shatoush and airtouch ensure you are never the victim of your regrowth and your hair will continue to look as natural and vibrant for up to twelve months from when it was first coloured.